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Born in São Paulo in 1957, he earned his degree in architecture

from the Universidade de São Paulo. He studied painting
with Sergio Fingermann and photography with Gal Oppido,
in São Paulo, and with Patt Blue, in NewYork, at the International

Center of Photography.Together with Marco Mariutti he

founded the painting studio MM*CL, dedicated for more than
a decade to the creation of unique prints, painted by hand on

fabrics used in different products. He worked as a photographer

for the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, where he held the photography exhibition Territórios de afeto. He has developed materials for

magazines of decoration, tourism and lifestyle, photographed

fashion catalogs in various countries, and worked as a consultant

on cultural projects related to the visual arts, set design and

floral design. Since 2013 he has divided his time between
Brazil and France.


Jade Gadott

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