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In the Far East, the tea ceremony is an aesthetic

manifestation in the practice of Zen Buddhism. Each of the

elements that compose the ceremony comes from a long

apprenticeship: harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

In the Western world, the aesthetics or faculty of

understanding through the senses somehow recovers

these elements, when the aim is to reveal the original

source of all perceptible beauty. For its part, beauty,
in its Greek origin, is associated to something that is

at its moment, in its time. This concept seems to apply

not only to the photographs in this publication, but to

the spirit of its author.

Early in life, Clovis Ferreira França had his sensibility

awakened for beauty, the perception of the forms and
the colors of nature, which certainly influenced his
initial choice to study architecture. During his training,

photography appeared as a desire that came after painting

and drawing. In this book he gathers his photographic

work, made of colors, shapes and gestures of pure beauty.

It is a new selection that brings his most significant images

produced in the last few years, divided among six essays.

At the invitation of the author, artists, photographers and

curators who have accompanied his career wrote texts

that contextualize his photographic expression. Cristiano

Mascaro, Diógenes Moura, Gal Oppido, Marcelo Mattos

Araujo, Marco Mariutti and Sergio Fingermann, key

names in the Brazilian cultural and art scene, take a look

at different directions and moments of the artist’s path,

pointing to the diversity and, at the same time,

the consistency of his production.




Palácio Nacional


Palácio Nacional

Mafra, Portugal


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