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Upon turning 60 I got up the courage to face the challenge of

making a book.

The dream of every photographer, this undertaking required
an enormous task: rummaging through and selecting photos, disconnecting from the emotional aspects of each image, seeking objectivity and distance and, mainly, looking for what might
be contained in my gaze, discovering if there was something

revealed that merited being published.

A lifelong collector of images, I was also asked by friends to make

a publication of photographs that I had taken in recent years.

For more than two years I revisited archives, recovering photos

made with analog cameras, digital cameras or cell phones.
An endless delving into a labyrinth of personal memories and records, shot through by interruptions and unexpected departures. Little by little, two questions arose in my choices: the reflection

about the passage of time and my feelings in regard to color.

The following step was the development of a connecting thread

and the composition of a rhythm in the layout of the photos,

with an eye to the subjective relations created on each page.
The construction of this dialogue between the images constituted another subject present throughout the book.

In this Meanwhile, the title and responses are materialized in
light of the questions. Contributions by good interlocutors were decisive for confronting this puzzle, and pleasantly perceiving that those questions had become friends.The publication of this book

was worth the effort.

Despite that my eyes are already somewhat tired – weary from
so much seeking to see, from the multiplication of the images in contemporary day-to-day life and from the impact of the conflicts

in the world – the joy of realizing this book and the possibility of finding beauty and the divine continue to enchant me.


Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, verão de 2018




São Paulo, Brasil


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