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Photographs and Image Editor | Clovis Ferreira França
Presentation and editor consultant  | Rosely Nakagawa
Texts | Cristiano Mascaro, Diógenes Moura, Gal Oppido,

Marcelo Mattos Araujo, Marco Mariutti, Sergio Fingermann
Graphic Project | Leticia Moura / CJ 31
Layout | Douglas Watanabe / CJ 31
Image Treatment | Felipe Caetano
Proofreading | Laura Moreira
English translation | John Norman
Graphic production | Heloisa Vasconcellos.

Vento Leste Editora seal.Prints | Ipsis Graphic and Editor

1000 copies, 168 pages, 124 images.

Core printed in Garda Kiara paper, 150 g/m2.

Bilíngue Portuguese + English edition

Launched in São Paulo, November de 2018.

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